McPherson Guitars
It is an honor to play and endorse a guitar that is made with such a high spirit of excellence. I give God the glory for giving Matt McPherson the vision to build a guitar with such love, excellence and quality. The rich full tone of a McPherson guitar is like no other. Every time I play my McPherson I'm inspired to create music that will please God. My excitement is the same today as it was on the first day I received my 5.0 Striped Macassar/Ebony Englemann Spruce Acoustic.

The heartbeat of my first solo album TRUTH is built around the rich tone and strum of my McPherson. Listen to it as the music plays in the background. Please visit the site by clicking on the McPherson logo above, or call 608-366-1401. Ask for Larry Klenc and tell him John Fitzgerald McGill sent you.

McPherson Studios  Nashville, TN

This is where we laid down the
finishing touches and mixed the TRUTH album. Come and experience pure excellence.....